WORXnews: Environmentally Responsible – October 2015

Recent news reports from CBC News and CNN News have put the spotlight on the Trillions of microbeads that have been found polluting our water ways. Learning about this important environmental issue, government legislation, and what consumers can do about it, are important topics that consumers may or may not be aware of when purchasing industrial hand soap or personal hygiene products today.microbeads.jpg 2

These microbeads are commonly used by manufacturers in the formulation of industrial hand soaps and personal hygiene products. Microbeads act like tiny scrubbers to help remove dirt and contaminants from the skin. Not only do these microbeads damage our skin, there is evidence that PCBs cling to these microbeads at the bottom of our oceans and rivers, which may be ingested by fish, and potentially enter the food chain.

The U.S. and Canadian governments have taken steps to ban microbeads from products. Many companies are working toward addressing this  issue however, it may take years to completely eliminate the problem.

Learn to Become Pro-Active: Reach for a healthy Alternative

WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner

Truly ‘All-Natural,’ Safe for User And Our Environment

  • First Enviro Certified Hand Cleaner In Canada (1997)WORX All Natural 4-5 lb 2015
  • Does Not Contain Microbeads, Walnut Shells Or Abrasives
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Ecologo And Green Seal Certified
  • Approved By The Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • 20 Years Proven Performance & Environmental Responsibility!

productline(As always, if you’d like additional information about WORX Environmental Products or our products, please visit our website at www.worx.ca, connect with us on Facebook, and check out our Youtube channel.)

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