WORXNews – February 2014

We are off to a busy start in 2014!

Andrew, Greg, and Mel were out at different distributor shows last week, and we’ll be at the Truck World show in April, in Toronto. Want to visit with us there? Send us an email, and we can send you a free registration for entry to Truck World! Save on the $20 registration fee, and come visit us at the show for a chance to try and buy our All-Natural Hand Cleaner. Andrew and Ellen would love to see you there.

In order to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re going to be running a few free draws starting on March 3. Be sure to like us on Facebook for your chance to win in our “Where in the World is WORX?” contest.

And since we’re all very big fans of greening your whole home (including your hand cleaner), we’d like to share this Huffington Post article on affordable green technology for your home. There are a few easy changes that can be made to encourage environmental awareness at home!

We talk a fair bit about how awesome our hand cleaner is – if you’ve ever seen us at a show or spoken to us in person, you know that all of us at WORX are quite passionate about the All-Natural Hand Cleaner – but we don’t want you to take our word for it. For a limited time, if you make the request, we’ll send you free product to try. We can’t do this forever, so reach out while supplies last!

(As always, if you’d like additional information about WORX Environmental Products or our products, please visit our website at www.worx.ca, connect with us on Facebook, and check out our Youtube channel.)

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