Environmental Health – Industrial Innovation for Conservation

World Environmental Health Day is today – Thursday, September 26, 2013. WORX Environmental Products will be providing tips, tricks, and educational resources every day this week to take part in the global discussion. This year’s theme is “Emerging Environmental Health Risks and Challenges for Tomorrow.”

The theme for this year revolves around our future environmental health as a global community – what risks might be emerging today to impact tomorrow, and what challenges those risks will present. One of the best ways to plan for the future is to look at the past. What did we do last year that has impacted today? Two years ago? Five? Twenty? What benefits have we seen from positive changes over the past several years?

How can we increase our positive impact, and reduce the lead time, going forward?

The drive towards sustainability is apparent across all industries, at all levels. No innovation is too small, if it will have a positive impact on environmental health in the future! Here are a few of the innovations we thought you, our readers, might be interested in:

  1. City of Vancouver
    The city of Vancouver has set a goal to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. The action plan they’ve laid out is aggressive, covering topics from public bike sharing to food scrap recycling at a residential level to engaging with area educational institutes to promote innovation that inspires conservation. The building code in Vancouver is the greenest in North America, and the target for 2020 is to bring emissions down to 5% below 1990 levels. The City also has a target to reduce per capita water consumption to 33% below 2006 levels.
  2. Ford Motor Company
    While this innovation has been in place for some years now, the Dearborn manufacturing facility remains ahead of the curve in water purification, consumption, and environmental impact. This facility has a “living” roof, uses natural light and ventilation to reduce environmental impact and financial costs.  Preserving both environmental health and financial resources in the long run, this facility is proving that environmental concerns can be addressed in a fiscally supportable way.
  3. Carbon Busters / CReturns
    We actually had the honour of meeting Carbon Busters / CReturns at a show early this summer up in Edmonton where we were both exhibiting. Carbon Busters increases efficiency and decreases impact in residential and community building, and has a fascinating endeavour in a zero-carbon sustainable community near Edmonton, Alberta. C Returns provides the auditing and retrofitting for existing buildings to attain as near to neutral status as possible.
  4. Biomatrix Water
    Biomatrix Waterdesigns and delivers ecological systems and technologies for water treatment, environmental restoration and water re-use. Through cost-effective designs, the systems and technologies Biomatrix offers provide not only healthier water, but a more diverse and healthful environment overall.

We at WORX, though we are a small company, are pleased to be a part of a global community that supports environmental sustainability initiatives. Within our own office, as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are constantly reviewing our practices, procedures, and sourcing in our mission of continual improvement. We conserve resources as a matter of course, including reuse of paper before recycling and ensuring energy usage is kept to the minimum needed.

Where will the next great innovation come from? Will you be the industry leader in sustainable innovation?

Reach out to us at marketing@worx.ca to share a great sustainable innovation story!

Join us tomorrow for our final segment in this series, on Life Cycle Planning for a Healthy Environment…

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