World Environmental Health Week

World Environmental Health Day is on Thursday, September 26, 2013. WORX Environmental Products will be providing tips, tricks, and educational resources every day this week to take part in the global discussion. This year’s theme is “Emerging Environmental Health Risks and Challenges for Tomorrow.”

Here at WORX, we are driven by knowledge and education; one of the main motivations for the Foundation we support is providing education in an effort to increase quality of life in developing nations. That’s a huge initiative, but it’s one that we feel is necessary to succeed. Expanding our knowledge base and sharing that information with others is a big part of our day to day work at the office.

It should come as no surprise, then, that we also try to support education in a wider sense, as well. Whether through training, seminars, or presentations, we love to share our passion for learning with people of all ages (as you can see in some of our blog posts!).

We feel safe in saying that most of us learned in elementary school that we should reduce, reuse, and recycle, and these three principles are key to ensuring a healthy environment for the future. But it’s not always easy, especially for young people – teenagers and younger – to fully understand the impact of those three Rs. In the presentation below, we’ve focused on one of the three Rs, but we started a little earlier in the process.

While reusing an item increases its useful life, not all items are created equal! You can reuse a piece of paper that has been printed on maybe one or two more times before it stops being useful as a whole, but you can reuse a “disposable” plastic plate at least dozens of times. Knowing which items are most effectively reused is a big step in the process that is often missed.

We put together this presentation: “World Environmental Health Day: Reusing”  for use in a high school setting, but it would work just as well in junior high. It provides information about World Environmental Health Day, what environmental health is, and why to choose an item you can reuse.

After all, our future is in the hands of the younger generation. One of the biggest challenges for tomorrow is providing the education, knowledge, and training to ensure that our environment is healthy.

Check back tomorrow for tips on how to protect environmental health in industrial settings…

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