WORXNews – August 2013

August is almost at an end, and we at WORX are gearing up for another great autumn!

We’ve had a lot going on this month, both in and out of the office. Mostly, we’ve been enjoying the warm weather here and doing our best to stay ahead of what our customers need. Mel just got back from a few days working with distributors in Lethbridge, and Andrew has been getting out and about all across the province.

Outside of work, the WORX 7x racecar has enjoyed a respectable season -there’s one race left to go, on September 7th, so get out to Capital City Speedway if you’re in the Ottawa area and show Robert your support! Robert had the car out at the Fan Appreciation night and sent us this picture. Thanks, Robert!

The WORX 7x car at Fan Appreciation Night in August 2013.

The WORX 7x car at Fan Appreciation Night in August 2013.

Mel has also still been helping out with communities affected by the flood at the end of June, though she’s not getting anywhere near as dirty as she did at the beginning!

We’re also doing some fun things in and around the office, including barbecues, mini-parties, and team building afternoons. As with July, we’ve got a few advertisements out there this month (Canadian Technician magazine, Plumbing and HVAC magazine, a few distributor specials), and we’re gearing up for more later this fall. Keep your eye out on these magazines (Canadian Technician, Plumbing and HVAC, and Today’s Trucking) for our next round of ads in October. In the US, we’ll also be doing some magazine advertising starting in October, which we’ll keep you posted about.

Our website is due for an update/upgrade/overhaul, so here’s your opportunity to play creative director! Visit our website and tell us what you would like to see changed! Any feedback you give us will be reviewed as we move forward.

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