Quick Update – Calgary Flood

WORX is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, which has been under a state of local emergency since Thursday, June 20, due to widespread and massive flooding in and around the city. At this time, our website is offline due to power outages, and we may take a little longer to respond to emails and faxes than usual. We are doing everything in our power to help the community we live in and love, and we thank you in advance for  your understanding of this situation.

We are happy to offer – at no charge – 500 bottles of All-Natural Hand Cleaner to first responders, military and emergency personnel, and volunteer clean-up crews. We have an additional 200 bottles available for residents that are returning to their homes to clean up. We are arranging this through established channels at this time.

Additional product will be made available through Samaritans Purse in the coming days.

Some of our staff will be released from duties from June 28 through July 2 to assist in the clean up efforts around town however needed.

Please keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook pages for updates until our website is up and functioning again.

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