We here at WORX place a high importance on giving back and being accountable not only to each other within the company and to our customers, but to those around us. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we are very proud to continually review all of our processes and procedures to find and implement improvement – both as it relates to corporate philosophy and social responsibility. Whether it’s spending Earth Day picking up trash in a local park or sponsoring through our related charity, we try to make a positive difference in everything we do.

In essence, our corporate responsibility efforts and our working for good can be summed up in two words… Good WORX. We do good work for the community and for the environment, because we believe good works.

A big part of our Good WORX philosophy is supporting the charity our President and CEO, Jack Neufeld, founded, which is headquartered in the same building as WORX. The Jack Neufeld Family Charitable Foundation (the Foundation, for short) works with underprivileged communities in Latin and South America, providing training, supplies, housing, and whole sustainable communities. The goal for the Foundation is to provide self-sustainable communities with the skills and opportunities to increase the standard of life for those living in developing areas.

We also take pride in giving back where we live, including community clean-ups and other involvement. For Earth Day 2013, we enjoyed an hour of black -out at the office and our orders and marketing departments visited a local park to spend the hour picking up trash.

WORX Earth Day

Nirmala from the order desk and Nisha from marketing showing our haul from trash collecting in a local park

We are very excited to announce that 2014 is our 20th anniversary… And we have some big plans to make a larger impact through Good WORX starting later this year. (Because the best celebrations always start a little early!)

Stay posted on how you can help us reach our social and community goals simply by washing your hands! Hand washing is often taken for granted by those of us with immediate access to sanitary water and the resources to purchase hand cleaners and soaps… But it’s a very important part of the fight against spreading diseases, and every time you wash your hands with WORX, you help us create a better life for those in need right now, and a better world for our future generations.

(For more information on the Foundation, click the link above or visit For more information about WORX, visit

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