How Dirty is Dirty?


Recently, we at WORX attended the American Industrial Hygiene expo in Montreal, where we had the opportunity to chat with various levels of occupational and environmental health and safety personnel from almost every industry. From industrial hygienists looking for the high-level science behind the product to the support staff at the event itself, who were interested only in how well our hand cleaner works on specific stains; we spoke with everyone.

The one theme that the majority of our conversations had in common was the concern about “will it clean this (x) contaminant?”

More than the pH-balance to human skin, even more than the environmental certification and biodegradability, people wanted to know about cleaning power. After all, an ineffective product with all the bells and whistles is still just an ineffective product when you boil away the bonus features.

So let’s do that; let’s boil away the bonus features. Let’s pretend that the WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner (WORX powder for less of a mouthful) isn’t environmentally-certified (it is, under EcoLogo/UL Environment CCD-104 and Green Seal GS-41b). Let’s pretend it’s not 100% biodegradable and pH-balanced to human skin. Let’s even pretend that it’s not more cost effective than a traditional liquid hand cleaner. The only thing that matters now is, does the powder do what it is supposed to do?

In a word: yes.

Industrial hand cleaners have to stand up to industrial contaminants. Customers don’t allow for a product that only does half the job any more than they would allow a factory to complete half of the output and expect full payment.

But don’t take our word for it. This is what our customers are saying:

“We absolutely love WORX hand cleaner. We make aluminum products which make our hands black (with residue). We’ve been using WORX ever since we found it. Before, we would go from cleaner to cleaner, trying to find something that would clean well and not make our hands feel greasy, etc. WORX does that. We will definitely use only WORX as long as we can get it.” (Kelseyville, CA)

“A client of mine gave me a small sampler of WORX product. Not only did it clean polishing compound off my hands very effectively and with no dryness, but the small 30g bottle lasted me 6 months.” (Calgary, AB)

“Just letting you know that your product is the greatest, hands down! I’m an ASE certified auto tech, and I have to wash my hands all the time! I tell you what: that is the very very best hand cleaner I’ve used! When I started using WORX I noticed in a matter of days – approx 3 days – that I was going home cleaner and cleaner. Now you can’t even tell that I’m an auto tech anymore, and it’s all because of your product! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all have a lifetime customer!” (Sulphur, LA)

WORX’s customers span industry – from automotive technicians to swine farmers. From diamond and gold mines to food product manufacturers. Transportation, warehousing, janitorial, to waste management and water remediation. All the way to home owners, gardeners, parents. A product that is effective on industrial residues and stains, but still safe enough to keep in the cupboard at home with other cleaning products?*

“My whole family uses your WORX All Natural Hand Cleaner, from my father in law to my 3 year old daughter who helps her daddy do oil changes. I personally love your product in the kitchen to help clean grease off my pots and pans without scratching.” (Centralia, WA)

So, whether you’re covered with fifth-wheel grease, carbon dust, or have just been out camping or fishing, you need an effective product. Is WORX powder the right product for you? We certainly think so.

WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner. Everything you need to know about it is in the name.

We call it WORX… Because it does.

* Like any other cleaning product, keep out of reach of children and pets, and always supervise children when using cleaning products.

2 responses to “How Dirty is Dirty?

  1. I love your product it is the best cleaner I have found. I am looking for a store in Lakeland, fl that sells it on the shelves. Can you tell me who sells it here. Thank you, yours sincerely searching

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